Maya is passionate about staging her first play: Henrik Ibsen’s The Enemy of the People. However, with the premiere quickly approaching, the result still fails to satisfy her. Avidya is a story about destruction and rebirth as part of the creative process.

Length: 24 min
Format: Digital 35, 2:1
Language: German (Eng. subtitles)
Genre: Drama


STOCKMANN: I say, that the town ought to be razed! Everyone who lives by lies should be exterminated like vermin! Otherwise you will infect the whole country. You’ll even go so far, as to make sure, that the rest of the country deserves to be destroyed with you. And when you have managed that, I will, from the bottom of my heart, say: good riddance. Let all
the people be wiped out.

CITIZEN: There speaks a true enemy of the people!

HOVSTAD: Yes, dammit! The people have spoken!

CITIZENS: Yes, we have! An enemy of the people! He hates his country! He hates the people!

Directing: Danijel Szeredy, Nikita Gibalenko

Actors: Alena Vaida(Maya), Anna Sichlinger(Sofiya), Jean-Marc Turmes (Sven), Ben Reynolds (Dr. Stockmann), Dominique Marquet (Hovstad), Wulf Schmid Noerr (Aslaksen), Luisa Marschel (Petra), Thomas Schneider, Nathan Bechhofer, Yoshi Goldberg, Rodrigo Arredondo Parra, Jurij Diez, Danijel Szeredy, Stefan Natzel

DOP/Editing: Nikita Gibalenko

Music: Thomas Schneider

Costumes: Anna Rai

In cooperation with Kulturbunt Neuperlach.

August 2018